Lessons from Filming Thrillumentary

One of the first things you learn as a filmmaker is “show don’t tell” meaning if you can do a scene and get your point across without dialogue – do it.

Because “Thrillumentary” started as a one man theater piece (very verbal) and was then “opened up” to include several other characters, there is a lot of dialogue in it. It’s been tough converting dialogue to visuals and in some cases nearly¬†impossible.

Hence “Thrillumentary” as a web series is going to be very “talky.” Is this going to work? Is this going to keep the viewer’s attention?

Come this August with the start of the release of preview webisodes we are going to find out.

We should also mention that on the horizon will be an organization called that will make you more successful. They just can’t help themselves. The group that has been assembled for this organization consists of those who are trained in artist promotion, therefore they have empathy for folks from the performing arts, the fine arts and the cinema arts. This means they can be of a great help to us.

We consider you, the readers of this blog, to be our creative partners. Getting your feedback proves to be very useful. And we will be depending on you when it comes time to analyze “Thrillumentary” and help us determine down the line if we should string all the web entries together to make a full length film.

We are also very interested in the projects you are working on. We know the readers of this blog are an extremely creative bunch. Please realize you have a standing invitation to share with us what you are working on.


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