The Funny thing About Creative Startup Introverts Like You is that You Do Not See Yourself as Someone Who is Successful, and Yet You Are, Both in Art AND Business

Others steal ideas from you, so stop hesitating to steal from yourself! What is good enough for them to take from your imagination does not mean they are special so they can make your ideas happen for themselves while you are not, in truth you are as capable as they are in using your own thought access. The real threat to yourself is when you know you were made to succeed but do not again and again and again. This tends to make you feel upset and angry with yourself. Although you do not need it for what you want to accomplish what you do, maybe if you learn about it, it will make you more confident?

Also, not being able to do what others, saddens you. For you, age comes into play. True that U.S. Ageism lives, that does not mean everyone is an ageist. But in your case, you are an ageist yourself because you are prejudging yourself. You have convinced yourself that you are too old to achieve certain things. We do not care if you are eighteen or eighty terminate your own ageism against yourself. Stop it. Just say “No.” It would be a tragedy if you distanced yourself.

If you did not harness the solution offered, you are doing yourself a disservice. You absolutely CAN green light your success, even as easily as others are able do. You can learn what you need to learn. Coming up with a “better mousetrap” is better for you, but what you do not realize is that just because things for you that are simple are not so for others, does not mean you should put yourself down feeling guilty about how effortless it is. Be thankful that it is and read the green! Don’t let your better mousetrap ironically trap you from reaching your heights.