Art and Bullies


It was already very difficult to follow the steps to an inspiring creative career, but now add to that the challenges put forth by the Pandemic, and you have all across the nation needing to adapt to the limitations they have available to them.


And some things do not cease in response to those brave enough to film, paint and write their work and then put it out in front of an audience. In that audience are people who, for whatever reason, feel the need to slash into bits the work that artists create.

What Causes it?

But as the saying goes, “Everyone is entitled to their opinion,” and because folks have more time on the internet, they are definitely letting it be known how they are responding to the art being made with cyber bullying. No one quite understands why the need to be negative is practiced. Some believe that those who overtly criticize in a cruel way, do so out of some kind of jealousy or, yes, bad parenting.

Proceed Regardless

That’s why artists of all kinds, taking steps forward, need to realize that access to the web means that critics have more time on their hands to participate in hate speech. Sometimes this crosses the line, even for veteran haters, who are encouraged to understand that creativity is engaged in by making themselves vulnerable. So if you are an artist taking “artist steps” forward, this is a friendly reminder that haters are are in much pain, but regardless, you still need to develop a thick skin and proceed with creating regardless.