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“Your Art is You: Crafting AI-Powered Experiences for Baby Boomers”

The beauty of marketing lies in its ability to craft unique, personalized experiences that resonate deeply with consumers. When marketing becomes an art form, it reflects the “Your Art is You” concept, embodying the idea that every piece of content you produce, every interaction, is a reflection of your brand’s identity. For marketers targeting Baby Boomers, this means harnessing AI to create tailored recommendations and voice-optimized experiences.

Implementing AI-powered recommendations is a masterstroke in the “Your Art is You” approach. Tools like Recombee or Amazon Personalize are akin to a skilled artist’s paintbrush, allowing you to craft personalized product or service recommendations based on the behaviors of your Baby Boomer audience. This personalization transforms a generic shopping experience into a curated journey that mirrors each individual’s preferences and behaviors.

Recombee, an AI recommendation engine, uses advanced algorithms to generate personalized recommendations. In the spirit of “Your Art is You,” it enables you to paint a vivid picture of what Baby Boomers may enjoy or need based on their previous interactions, creating a meaningful and engaging experience for them.

Amazon Personalize takes this a step further by using the same technology that powers Amazon’s own recommendations. Through this, you’re not just making suggestions; you’re creating a unique portrait of each Baby Boomer’s potential interests and needs, truly embodying the “Your Art is You” philosophy.

Voice search optimization is another critical facet of the “Your Art is You” approach. Considering that many Baby Boomers may use voice assistants, optimizing your content for voice search is like choosing the right medium for your art. Tools like can help you create voice-first customer experiences, making your brand accessible and user-friendly for Baby Boomers. is an AI platform that allows businesses to engage customers through voice-first experiences. In line with the “Your Art is You” philosophy, this tool allows you to sculpt a voice-based experience that resonates with Baby Boomers, transforming the way they interact with your brand.

In conclusion, the “Your Art is You” concept compels marketers to view their strategy as a work of art, an expressive and authentic reflection of their brand’s identity. By implementing AI-powered recommendations and optimizing for voice search, you’re not just marketing to Baby Boomers; you’re crafting an immersive, personalized experience that mirrors their preferences and behaviors. This isn’t just marketing; it’s art – an art form that reflects the value and respect you hold for your Baby Boomer audience.

Artists in Business

Your Art is You No Matter What!

Your Art is You Post on, June 9, 2023

The title of the vibrant website, “Your Art is You,” may initially lead one to believe that it primarily caters to artists. However, a deeper look into its mission and content dispels this notion. Indeed, “Your Art is You” embraces an inclusive perspective on art, viewing it as a universal, human phenomenon rather than the exclusive domain of traditional artists. It fundamentally asserts that we are all artists in the theater of life, continually crafting and honing our own personal narratives.

Art, at its core, is an expression of human experience, emotions, and perspectives. According to the philosophy espoused by “Your Art is You,” life itself is an ongoing work of art, and we are all creators of our personal and shared realities. This understanding expands the definition of art to encompass life’s richness, complexity, and unpredictability.

This is not to say that “Your Art is You” seeks to belittle or disregard the role of conventional artists. Rather, it strives to emphasize that the artistic process extends beyond the canvas, the stage, or the written page. It permeates our lives, manifesting in our thoughts, actions, and relationships. As we grow and change, so does the art that we embody.

Drawing on this philosophy, “Your Art is You” acknowledges the inherent dynamism of life and personal growth. It compares the ebbs and flows of life to a movie – a medium that inherently reflects and portrays the human condition. In a similar vein, our lives are composed of sequences of events, experiences, and emotions, ultimately forming a unique, ever-evolving narrative.

Moreover, the notion that art imitates life resonates deeply with the ethos of “Your Art is You.” The site draws attention to the fact that art forms have always been a means of depicting the human experience, as demonstrated by the cave paintings that prehistoric humans left behind. Art, in essence, is a timeless testament to the diversity and depth of human existence.

“Your Art is You” encourages you not to seek an external medium to express yourself, but to acknowledge that you are the medium and the art simultaneously. It calls upon you to embrace your life, your experiences, your emotions – your very being – as the unique art form that it is. This may seem a daunting prospect, but it is also a liberating one, offering an opportunity for profound self-realization and self-expression.

In conclusion, “Your Art is You” provides a radical and empowering perspective on art. It dismantles the traditional barriers surrounding the concept of art, inviting everyone to acknowledge and celebrate their unique, inherent artistry. This perspective transforms art from an external object to be admired into a deeply personal and lived experience, heightening its relevance and resonance.

Therefore, “Your Art is You” is not merely a website. It is a celebration of life and personal growth. It is a reminder that we are all artists, that we are all works in progress, and that our life experiences are worthy of recognition and appreciation. Your life is your art, and you are the artist. The canvas is yours, so paint your masterpiece.

Ultimately, the mission of “Your Art is You” is not to pressure its readers into finding an art form. Instead, it invites you to recognize that your life, in all its complexity, is a form of art in and of itself. Your art is you. What will you create?

Artists in Business

You “Art is You” When You Collaborate with “Ask AI Guy”

Workflow Automation as Seen on the “Ask AI Guy” site is both a methodology and a creative process.

The digital era presents an abundance of opportunities for learning, networking, and fostering positive transformation. Among the rising platforms in this sphere, “Your Art is You,” “Books on AI,” and “Ask AI Guy” stand out, spotlighting the influential power of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential in nurturing personal development. The collective aim of this vibrant trio is to exploit the synergies among these platforms to deepen understanding, simplify AI’s intricacies, and advocate for its beneficial utilization. Starting at a national level and ultimately going global, their strategy is to cultivate an environment where AI and self-enhancement harmoniously blend.

The goal is to to reach the point of “You Pay You.”

“Your Art is You” operates under the idea that creativity, though non-physical, has the power to mold our reality. This platform urges users to take command of their creative processes, ensuring they are realistic and infused with positivity. This is indeed a challenge, but it’s also where “self-help” materials can provide support. In a similar vein to human creativity, AI systems learn and adapt based on the input they receive. By encouraging healthier creative patterns and equipping individuals with self-improvement tools, “Your Art is You” reflects the adaptive learning nature of AI.

The Role of “Books on AI”

“Books on AI” acts as an extensive resource hub, providing a diverse range of literature focused on AI. From fundamental overviews to advanced AI theories, this site offers a treasure trove of knowledge for enthusiasts, researchers, and beginners. The goal is not merely to enhance AI literacy but also to stimulate informed discussions about the ethical, societal, and practical consequences of AI.

Integrating “Ask AI Guy”

“Ask AI Guy” introduces a personal dimension to the AI discourse. As a platform addressing user inquiries about AI, it broadens the conversation beyond academic and industrial borders, welcoming everyone to join. The website aims to demystify AI and its applications, making it comprehensible and relevant to all. By answering a diverse set of questions, “Ask AI Guy” works to neutralize misinformation and apprehension surrounding AI, promoting a more balanced and optimistic view.

The Vision: A Unified Blog Coalition

The shared objective of these platforms is to disseminate a positive message about AI, accentuating its potential as an instrument for good. By capitalizing on the interconnectedness of “Your Art is You,” “Books on AI,” and “Ask AI Guy,” the “Blog Coalition” aspires to build a comprehensive digital ecosystem that encourages learning, personal growth, and constructive discourse around AI.

The AI Do Good strategy is to elevate this coalition, advocating the ethical use of AI and its potential for personal and societal betterment. The common thread tying these platforms together is the belief in using our creativity—and AI, an extension of our creative capacities—for good. The ambition is to propagate this message nationally before taking it worldwide, aiming to make a global impact.


At their core, “Your Art is You,” “Books on AI,” and “Ask AI Guy” share the conviction that AI can be a positive force. By aligning their initiatives, they have the potential to reshape the narrative around AI, fostering a world where AI literacy, ethical use, and personal growth are standard. In this shared mission, they truly embody the spirit of “Your Art is You”: taking control and using creativity—in this case, human and artificial—for the collective good.

Artists in Business

Other Uses for the Your Art is You Formula

Formula is Everything so Be Sure to Mix the Chemicals Like a Mad Scientist!

“Your Art is You” is more than just the domain name of a popular website, it is also a term used to describe a relatively unknown approach to marketing. Here’s an expanded article on how to create a feeling of your business being you and using that to generate referrals:

As a business owner, you understand the importance of referrals for growing your business. Referrals from satisfied customers can bring in new business without any advertising costs, and they often result in higher conversion rates. However, getting referrals is not always easy. Customers need to trust you and have a positive experience with your business before they are willing to refer others.

One way to increase the likelihood of getting referrals is to make your business feel like it’s you. As in the idea that “Your Art is You.” This means that you, as the business owner, embody your business in a way that is authentic and unique. Your business becomes an extension of your personality and values, and your customers can feel that connection when they interact with you.

To create a feeling of your business being you, start by examining your own connection to the “Your Art is You” values and how they align with your business. What makes you passionate about your work, and how does that translate into the products or services you offer?

Use your values as a guide for how you conduct your business, how you treat customers, and how you market your brand. That is the power of the approach involving the simple outlook that “Your Art is You.”

Next, think about the unique characteristics that set your business apart. What makes you different from your competitors? How do you offer a better experience for your customers?  This could be anything from a personalized approach to customer service to a more streamlined ordering process.

Once you have a clear idea of your values and unique characteristics, incorporate them into all aspects of your business. This means using your values to guide decision-making, ensuring that your brand messaging reflects your unique characteristics, and even incorporating your personality into your marketing materials. Hence the integration of “Your Art is You.”

When customers feel like they are interacting with you, not just your business, they are more likely to refer others to your business. They will feel a personal connection to you and your brand, and will be more likely to spread the word to their friends and colleagues. To encourage referrals, make it easy for your satisfied customers to share your business with others. Ask them to refer you to their friends and colleagues and offer incentives for doing so.

This could be anything from a discount on their next purchase to a free product or service. In conclusion, creating a feeling of your business being you can help generate referrals for your business.

By aligning your values with your business, highlighting your unique characteristics, and incorporating your personality into all aspects of your business, you can create a brand that customers will connect with on a personal level.

When customers feel that personal connection, they are more likely to refer others to your business, resulting in more growth and success. This is power of the “Your Art is You” Formula in action. Try it. It could become your primary marketing approach!

Artists in Business

Solutions for Creatives and the Question if Artists taking on the Role of ArtisticPreneurs is a Good Idea?

The Fear Many Artists Have in these Unsettling Times

Perhaps one of the reasons we hear the the term “Starving Artists” any longer is because of the fear it evokes that many creatives have which is to end up, due to not having enough income, and Truly Starve. COVID has uprooted our country amongst many other problems. For some being forced to stay inside because of the Pandemic, was actually a gift. They were able to work remotely quite easily and benefited from the extra hours lost through commutes and working with vendors online as well.

Is it a Good Idea for Artists and their Artistry to take on Corporate and Small Business Jobs to Make Ends Meet?

Understandably, many creatives had to take on 9 to 5 oriented positions doing work they disliked but also losing a lot of time away from the artistic passion. Clearly this is a difficult situation and can be unbearable, and yet the bills need to be paid. What is a creative person to when losing so many hours that would have been much better spent on their art?

Will METHOD HOW Create a Strategy for Artists Who Want to Become ArtisticPreners?

If you haven’t heard from other of the 61 websites of the Blog Coalition, emerging soon will be METHOD HOW that does just like the name implies which is providing a METHOD HOW to do things that are important to you. As of this writing they do not even have a site up yet except for a “Coming Soon” page that mentions a séance they will be linking to live.


We Bring them up because METHOD HOW could do a great service to creative communities all over New York and beyond if the made a strategy on the topic that detailed a METHOD HOW to Become an ArtisticPreneur. Even though one of the sites from the Coalition is called “ArtisticPreneur,” those involved with that project are among the first to agree that it would be terrific for METHOD HOW to develop one of their minimalistic strategies that are no cost to businesses or artists negatively impacted by COVID. We will keep our fingers crossed!


The Funny thing About Creative Startup Introverts Like You is that You Do Not See Yourself as Someone Who is Successful, and Yet You Are, Both in Art AND Business

Others steal ideas from you, so stop hesitating to steal from yourself! What is good enough for them to take from your imagination does not mean they are special so they can make your ideas happen for themselves while you are not, in truth you are as capable as they are in using your own thought access. The real threat to yourself is when you know you were made to succeed but do not again and again and again. This tends to make you feel upset and angry with yourself. Although you do not need it for what you want to accomplish what you do, maybe if you learn about it, it will make you more confident?

Also, not being able to do what others, saddens you. For you, age comes into play. True that U.S. Ageism lives, that does not mean everyone is an ageist. But in your case, you are an ageist yourself because you are prejudging yourself. You have convinced yourself that you are too old to achieve certain things. We do not care if you are eighteen or eighty terminate your own ageism against yourself. Stop it. Just say “No.” It would be a tragedy if you distanced yourself.

If you did not harness the solution offered, you are doing yourself a disservice. You absolutely CAN green light your success, even as easily as others are able do. You can learn what you need to learn. Coming up with a “better mousetrap” is better for you, but what you do not realize is that just because things for you that are simple are not so for others, does not mean you should put yourself down feeling guilty about how effortless it is. Be thankful that it is and read the green! Don’t let your better mousetrap ironically trap you from reaching your heights.

Steps Steps to Create

Magic Tricks are Not Psychic Phenomenon, they are for Entertainment Purposes Only

Tomorrow is TGIF for Some or Mega TGIF for Others

Look. To some this will meaning nothing. To others, even less. But this site has a word in its name that is quite relevant to what is happening tomorrow. Manana is the date of what for me, is a memorable occasion.

Will He Rise from the Dead this Time?

Technically, Harry Houdini (Erik Weisz) died on, what some consider a holiday: October 31. Each year, on the special day, members of the magic group I am a part of, go to Houdini’s grave in Queens and do a ceremony to honor the incredible escape artist, magician and publicity generator. But to be more specific, the actual date this is happening this year, is October 29th, which according to the Jewish calendar (Houdini was Jewish), is the true date of the demise of this marketing genius. Plus, all around the country people gather to attempt to bring from the great beyond.

The Word?

But back to the lead-in of this post. The reason that the domain of this site is connected to tomorrow, is not only because it is about resurrecting Erik. It is also due to the fact that this blog, Artist Steps, has a word in it that is also contained in the moniker of tomorrow’s launch. This website is known as “Artist Steps” and tomorrow represents the debut of the process in which “steps” to create are taken with beneficial results for all who integrate this into their consciousness.

The Impossible Can Seem Possible

Over 50 years ago (how did this happen?!) as a kid, I rejected the idea of “New Age” or “Channeling” or any other of the tools in the kits of spiritualists, mediums and related “vocations.” This was surprising to make such a decision at age 8, since there were several believers among family members. I pledged to myself to follow the entertainer magician’s creed, which was to know the difference between a magic trick and psychic phenomenon. The truth of a magic trick, is that it is just that, a trick. Magicians, as well as Mentalists, do what they do for entertainment purposes only. It is fun to be fooled in a manner in which the impossible seems possible.

Taking Off the Veil

But, and Houdini was all in for this one, if the craft of the magician is misused by anyone trying to appear to have real powers, such as being a “psychic,” they are doing something ethically wrong. H.H. in his short lifetime, dedicated his last years to being president of an organization for conjurers here in NYC, as well as took on a commitment to expose fraudulent soothsayers and the like.

What Would a Numerologist Say About This?

Another point of interest is that of the succession of posts of this blog, you are reading number 33. I kid you not. Pure coincidence of course. Apparently the number “33”has a big place in the symbolism all major religions. Examples include trinities, tripling and more. Among the believers “33” pops up frequently. I have an interest in numerology. Not as something I use to guide my life, but something I find intriguing.

The Point of Connection

At this point I have likely lost many of you. But to those of you who are still with me, I thank you for hanging in. My diatribe at this point has gone full circle back to the original exploration mentioned. I find it quite interesting and fun to mull over that there is the word “steps” in this blog’s name and that tomorrow marks the below radar transition into steps to create a new experience for all.


Our Step by Step Process Continues

The Continuation of Our Passion

We are very proud of the artists (visual and performing artists) who have successfully applied the steps provided in this website to grow their careers and businesses. We are in a challenging time, but you have kept on going with your creative dream, and while doing so have made a difference in your communities all across this great nation of ours!

Welcome to the Revolution!

If you are not yet a part of your communities’  revolution, we invite you to join us as a part of this ongoing pursuit.  Even if you are not an artist following your “Artist Steps,” you can still make a big difference in your area. Even though in-person artistic communication is still in its early stages, please support and participate in the local creative virtual experiences available to you.

Follow Your Passion

We are in a period in our country in which support for the arts is needed now more than ever. Because of the many potholes all of us do our best to avoid in a day to day manner, the arts are a way to find hope to keep moving forward. With the arts as our guide we are in good hands. Step by step the process continues!


Art and Bullies


It was already very difficult to follow the steps to an inspiring creative career, but now add to that the challenges put forth by the Pandemic, and you have all across the nation needing to adapt to the limitations they have available to them.


And some things do not cease in response to those brave enough to film, paint and write their work and then put it out in front of an audience. In that audience are people who, for whatever reason, feel the need to slash into bits the work that artists create.

What Causes it?

But as the saying goes, “Everyone is entitled to their opinion,” and because folks have more time on the internet, they are definitely letting it be known how they are responding to the art being made with cyber bullying. No one quite understands why the need to be negative is practiced. Some believe that those who overtly criticize in a cruel way, do so out of some kind of jealousy or, yes, bad parenting.

Proceed Regardless

That’s why artists of all kinds, taking steps forward, need to realize that access to the web means that critics have more time on their hands to participate in hate speech. Sometimes this crosses the line, even for veteran haters, who are encouraged to understand that creativity is engaged in by making themselves vulnerable. So if you are an artist taking “artist steps” forward, this is a friendly reminder that haters are are in much pain, but regardless, you still need to develop a thick skin and proceed with creating regardless.

Creative Holidays

Yianni Stamas Dives into Fun that Artists Can Have For Today


Can You Guess What Today is Also Known as?

The fact is that many artists here in New York City during this time of the rich fleeing from the city, are young. So rather than offer up steps you can take today, we are inviting you to make it a fun day. For me, one of the most fun things to do, is eat chocolate. If this is you then you are in the right place. Because today is not just December 16, it is also “National Chocolate Covered Anything Day!”

Love Those Fermented Seeds

The fact that it is “National Chocolate Covered Anything Day,” means you can have a day of gorging on things that contain  Theobroma Cacao, you know ground cocoa beans, those dried and fermented seeds of the evergreen tree native to the deep tropical region of the Americas…Chocolate!

Today’s Plan

I don’t know about you but that sounds good to me. We have a long tradition in my family of being chocolate eaters. I know what I am going to be doing today. How about you?!