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Magic Tricks are Not Psychic Phenomenon, they are for Entertainment Purposes Only

Tomorrow is TGIF for Some or Mega TGIF for Others

Look. To some this will meaning nothing. To others, even less. But this site has a word in its name that is quite relevant to what is happening tomorrow. Manana is the date of what for me, is a memorable occasion.

Will He Rise from the Dead this Time?

Technically, Harry Houdini (Erik Weisz) died on, what some consider a holiday: October 31. Each year, on the special day, members of the magic group I am a part of, go to Houdini’s grave in Queens and do a ceremony to honor the incredible escape artist, magician and publicity generator. But to be more specific, the actual date this is happening this year, is October 29th, which according to the Jewish calendar (Houdini was Jewish), is the true date of the demise of this marketing genius. Plus, all around the country people gather to attempt to bring from the great beyond.

The Word?

But back to the lead-in of this post. The reason that the domain of this site is connected to tomorrow, is not only because it is about resurrecting Erik. It is also due to the fact that this blog, Artist Steps, has a word in it that is also contained in the moniker of tomorrow’s launch. This website is known as “Artist Steps” and tomorrow represents the debut of the process in which “steps” to create are taken with beneficial results for all who integrate this into their consciousness.

The Impossible Can Seem Possible

Over 50 years ago (how did this happen?!) as a kid, I rejected the idea of “New Age” or “Channeling” or any other of the tools in the kits of spiritualists, mediums and related “vocations.” This was surprising to make such a decision at age 8, since there were several believers among family members. I pledged to myself to follow the entertainer magician’s creed, which was to know the difference between a magic trick and psychic phenomenon. The truth of a magic trick, is that it is just that, a trick. Magicians, as well as Mentalists, do what they do for entertainment purposes only. It is fun to be fooled in a manner in which the impossible seems possible.

Taking Off the Veil

But, and Houdini was all in for this one, if the craft of the magician is misused by anyone trying to appear to have real powers, such as being a “psychic,” they are doing something ethically wrong. H.H. in his short lifetime, dedicated his last years to being president of an organization for conjurers here in NYC, as well as took on a commitment to expose fraudulent soothsayers and the like.

What Would a Numerologist Say About This?

Another point of interest is that of the succession of posts of this blog, you are reading number 33. I kid you not. Pure coincidence of course. Apparently the number “33”has a big place in the symbolism all major religions. Examples include trinities, tripling and more. Among the believers “33” pops up frequently. I have an interest in numerology. Not as something I use to guide my life, but something I find intriguing.

The Point of Connection

At this point I have likely lost many of you. But to those of you who are still with me, I thank you for hanging in. My diatribe at this point has gone full circle back to the original exploration mentioned. I find it quite interesting and fun to mull over that there is the word “steps” in this blog’s name and that tomorrow marks the below radar transition into steps to create a new experience for all.