The Funny thing About Creative Startup Introverts Like You is that You Do Not See Yourself as Someone Who is Successful, and Yet You Are, Both in Art AND Business

Others steal ideas from you, so stop hesitating to steal from yourself! What is good enough for them to take from your imagination does not mean they are special so they can make your ideas happen for themselves while you are not, in truth you are as capable as they are in using your own thought access. The real threat to yourself is when you know you were made to succeed but do not again and again and again. This tends to make you feel upset and angry with yourself. Although you do not need it for what you want to accomplish what you do, maybe if you learn about it, it will make you more confident?

Also, not being able to do what others, saddens you. For you, age comes into play. True that U.S. Ageism lives, that does not mean everyone is an ageist. But in your case, you are an ageist yourself because you are prejudging yourself. You have convinced yourself that you are too old to achieve certain things. We do not care if you are eighteen or eighty terminate your own ageism against yourself. Stop it. Just say “No.” It would be a tragedy if you distanced yourself.

If you did not harness the solution offered, you are doing yourself a disservice. You absolutely CAN green light your success, even as easily as others are able do. You can learn what you need to learn. Coming up with a “better mousetrap” is better for you, but what you do not realize is that just because things for you that are simple are not so for others, does not mean you should put yourself down feeling guilty about how effortless it is. Be thankful that it is and read the green! Don’t let your better mousetrap ironically trap you from reaching your heights.


Art and Bullies


It was already very difficult to follow the steps to an inspiring creative career, but now add to that the challenges put forth by the Pandemic, and you have all across the nation needing to adapt to the limitations they have available to them.


And some things do not cease in response to those brave enough to film, paint and write their work and then put it out in front of an audience. In that audience are people who, for whatever reason, feel the need to slash into bits the work that artists create.

What Causes it?

But as the saying goes, “Everyone is entitled to their opinion,” and because folks have more time on the internet, they are definitely letting it be known how they are responding to the art being made with cyber bullying. No one quite understands why the need to be negative is practiced. Some believe that those who overtly criticize in a cruel way, do so out of some kind of jealousy or, yes, bad parenting.

Proceed Regardless

That’s why artists of all kinds, taking steps forward, need to realize that access to the web means that critics have more time on their hands to participate in hate speech. Sometimes this crosses the line, even for veteran haters, who are encouraged to understand that creativity is engaged in by making themselves vulnerable. So if you are an artist taking “artist steps” forward, this is a friendly reminder that haters are are in much pain, but regardless, you still need to develop a thick skin and proceed with creating regardless.


Sneaker Steps on the Red Carpet

Taking Artist Steps

It is sneaker steps on the red carpet. One of the series of steps an artist can take is when those steps are on the red carpet. But who the red carpet is put up by is less important than the steps themselves.

One of the Best Awards Shows Out There

In this brief blog entry we will be discussing an entity that has gained respect in many circles and has been on the red carpet several times thanks to the Platinum PIAs Awards.

Amount of Updating

DIYdigi is back in a big way. When the website first came on the scene there was a lot of excitement about it. The blog was updated nearly every day. One of the best ways of measuring the amount of energy being put into a website’s blog is by seeing how often it is updated.

Back to Us

DIYdigi is in that model right now and one of the ways we know this to be true is the fact that it is featuring featuring links today that will lead you back to us.

Put What On?

This is the DIYdigi red carpet in motion. Want to take the artist steps on the artist step carpet? Put on those sneakers!


New Steps Could Be a New Show

Something You May Not Have Considered

This site is, needless to say, all about steps that artists can take in order to be more successful. Steps you may not have considered is becoming a creator of your own online show. This can take a lot of work but can also be quite rewarding.

You Can Get a Form of “Writer’s Block”

Starting a show can be as easy or hard as just starting. Like many things in life starting can be hard. But also the reverse can be true. Not starting can cause anxiety because you can’t motivate yourself or maybe think you don’t have any new ideas.

Which “Pain” is Better?

So taking for a moment that the last paragraph is true, we would want to be on the side of anxiety over taking the steps rather than the anxiety from avoiding the steps. In other words, it is ultimately going to be more rewarding to “do” even if it is painful.


The Steps to Take as an ArtisticPreneur to Become More Successful
Taking the steps to become an ArtisticPreneur can be the easy part, but knowing what the steps are – not so easy.

The mission of is to provide you, the business owner or artist of any kind, with the Artist Steps you need to “Produce, Promote & Monetize Your Creativity” as an ArtisticPreneur. So today we’re going to do just that. We’re going to look at what various experts, ArtisticPreneurs, blogs and publications have to say about what they believe are the essential Artist Steps.

And of course we’re interested in what you believe are the steps an artist or business should take to achieve success. Feel free to leave us a message with your insights of the Artist Steps you’ve used in your own experience.

Steps, What are the Steps? The Search for BigFoot Zombie

Sometimes looking for the best steps to take for your creative career is as daunting as hunting for BigFoot Zombie.

The interesting thing is that depending on who you ask for the steps, you’ll get different answers. For example the folks at Artist’s Network believe that getting an art commission takes 5 steps. Of course getting an art commission is generally something that only “fine artists” are able to get, but even if you’re not a visual artist (or are a business), looking over the the Artist’s Network method can be useful.

The Musician’s Perspective of Artist Steps – The Hub

The individuals of “The Hub” of “Musician’s Friend” interestingly enough believe that there is the need for double the amount of 5, or 10 steps. These 10 steps are shown in relation to music artists, but regardless of your art form or business, you will likely find value in perusing these steps.

Even the “Huffington Post” Gets into the Act

Chances are you’ve heard of the “Huffington Post” but what you might not know is that they have their own “5 Steps to Success as an Artist.” Author of the post is Corey Ferrugia and he shares how he now earns his living full-time in music as an artist, social entrepreneur, and educator. He describes his relentless hard work and sacrifice more than he ever imagined it would be, but gives but makes it clear that expressing himself creatively and empowering others is something he enjoys very much. He also makes it known that his 5 steps can work for any artist.

Forbes Reveals the Artist’s Step-By-Step Guide To Making Money And Impact in Music

Yes, again we look at a series of steps intended for musicians that can be applied and used successfully by any artist or business. Danny Ross, who is a Forbes Contributor in Media & Entertainment, essentially provides 5 steps also, but they are different than the others we’ve shown thus far. Danny lays it out as (1) Getting looks and attention from the press so you can focus on your target audience. (2) Getting spins which is translating your PR momentum and fan enthusiasm into an ascending play count. To get all 5 steps check out the article.

Links to Life Hack’s 7 Steps To Becoming A Full-time Artist

Agnese Aljena discusses how research shows that far too many artists don’t earn a living from their art. They spend time in offices as secretaries, in construction companies as laborers and walk dogs for their neighbors. Sometimes, they climb the corporate ladder to become managers and partners, and then when they have enough money, they leave for early retirement and finally fulfill their dream of being a full-time artist. That is, if they are lucky enough to still have some time left to enjoy it! Aljena provides 7 steps to success.

Final Thoughts

All these experts have shown us actionable Artist Steps that can be taken to have a successful career in the arts and/or business. And yet, all of these Artist Steps differ in amount of steps and what the steps are. But this need not lead to confusion. We at are choosing to look at all of these Artist Steps interpretations as food for thought and the affirmation that ultimately you can create your own steps in number of steps and content of steps. In otherwords, the steps that might work for one individual will not necessarily work for another individual. So make your own steps and ascend to the next level.

Also, if you’d like to share your own personal Artist Steps we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us through Lights Camera Read, the nonprofit sponsored organization that produces and other blogs.