New Steps Could Be a New Show

Something You May Not Have Considered

This site is, needless to say, all about steps that artists can take in order to be more successful. Steps you may not have considered is becoming a creator of your own online show. This can take a lot of work but can also be quite rewarding.

You Can Get a Form of “Writer’s Block”

Starting a show can be as easy or hard as just starting. Like many things in life starting can be hard. But also the reverse can be true. Not starting can cause anxiety because you can’t motivate yourself or maybe think you don’t have any new ideas.

Which “Pain” is Better?

So taking for a moment that the last paragraph is true, we would want to be on the side of anxiety over taking the steps rather than the anxiety from avoiding the steps. In other words, it is ultimately going to be more rewarding to “do” even if it is painful.