Our Step by Step Process Continues

The Continuation of Our Passion

We are very proud of the artists (visual and performing artists) who have successfully applied the steps provided in this website to grow their careers and businesses. We are in a challenging time, but you have kept on going with your creative dream, and while doing so have made a difference in your communities all across this great nation of ours!

Welcome to the Revolution!

If you are not yet a part of your communities’  revolution, we invite you to join us as a part of this ongoing pursuit.  Even if you are not an artist following your “Artist Steps,” you can still make a big difference in your area. Even though in-person artistic communication is still in its early stages, please support and participate in the local creative virtual experiences available to you.

Follow Your Passion

We are in a period in our country in which support for the arts is needed now more than ever. Because of the many potholes all of us do our best to avoid in a day to day manner, the arts are a way to find hope to keep moving forward. With the arts as our guide we are in good hands. Step by step the process continues!