The Steps to Take as an ArtisticPreneur to Become More Successful
Taking the steps to become an ArtisticPreneur can be the easy part, but knowing what the steps are – not so easy.

The mission of is to provide you, the business owner or artist of any kind, with the Artist Steps you need to “Produce, Promote & Monetize Your Creativity” as an ArtisticPreneur. So today we’re going to do just that. We’re going to look at what various experts, ArtisticPreneurs, blogs and publications have to say about what they believe are the essential Artist Steps.

And of course we’re interested in what you believe are the steps an artist or business should take to achieve success. Feel free to leave us a message with your insights of the Artist Steps you’ve used in your own experience.

Steps, What are the Steps? The Search for BigFoot Zombie

Sometimes looking for the best steps to take for your creative career is as daunting as hunting for BigFoot Zombie.

The interesting thing is that depending on who you ask for the steps, you’ll get different answers. For example the folks at Artist’s Network believe that getting an art commission takes 5 steps. Of course getting an art commission is generally something that only “fine artists” are able to get, but even if you’re not a visual artist (or are a business), looking over the the Artist’s Network method can be useful.

The Musician’s Perspective of Artist Steps – The Hub

The individuals of “The Hub” of “Musician’s Friend” interestingly enough believe that there is the need for double the amount of 5, or 10 steps. These 10 steps are shown in relation to music artists, but regardless of your art form or business, you will likely find value in perusing these steps.

Even the “Huffington Post” Gets into the Act

Chances are you’ve heard of the “Huffington Post” but what you might not know is that they have their own “5 Steps to Success as an Artist.” Author of the post is Corey Ferrugia and he shares how he now earns his living full-time in music as an artist, social entrepreneur, and educator. He describes his relentless hard work and sacrifice more than he ever imagined it would be, but gives but makes it clear that expressing himself creatively and empowering others is something he enjoys very much. He also makes it known that his 5 steps can work for any artist.

Forbes Reveals the Artist’s Step-By-Step Guide To Making Money And Impact in Music

Yes, again we look at a series of steps intended for musicians that can be applied and used successfully by any artist or business. Danny Ross, who is a Forbes Contributor in Media & Entertainment, essentially provides 5 steps also, but they are different than the others we’ve shown thus far. Danny lays it out as (1) Getting looks and attention from the press so you can focus on your target audience. (2) Getting spins which is translating your PR momentum and fan enthusiasm into an ascending play count. To get all 5 steps check out the article.

Links to Life Hack’s 7 Steps To Becoming A Full-time Artist

Agnese Aljena discusses how research shows that far too many artists don’t earn a living from their art. They spend time in offices as secretaries, in construction companies as laborers and walk dogs for their neighbors. Sometimes, they climb the corporate ladder to become managers and partners, and then when they have enough money, they leave for early retirement and finally fulfill their dream of being a full-time artist. That is, if they are lucky enough to still have some time left to enjoy it! Aljena provides 7 steps to success.

Final Thoughts

All these experts have shown us actionable Artist Steps that can be taken to have a successful career in the arts and/or business. And yet, all of these Artist Steps differ in amount of steps and what the steps are. But this need not lead to confusion. We at are choosing to look at all of these Artist Steps interpretations as food for thought and the affirmation that ultimately you can create your own steps in number of steps and content of steps. In otherwords, the steps that might work for one individual will not necessarily work for another individual. So make your own steps and ascend to the next level.

Also, if you’d like to share your own personal Artist Steps we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us through Lights Camera Read, the nonprofit sponsored organization that produces and other blogs.


Steps to Getting New Customers, Clients and Fans

How to Get New Customers Using Podcasts, Blogs and Chatrooms
How to Get New Customers Using Podcasts, Blogs and Chatrooms

There’s a newly minted article on the ArtisticPreneur website entitled “How to Get New Customers.” The step by step system which is revealed works equally as well whether you wish to acquire customers or clients of fans or even all three. It specifically covers how to use podcasts, blogs and chat rooms to achieve this goal.

When you sign up for the free ArtisticPrenur newsletter you will receive weekly step by step tips on how you can use web designing, digital marketing, blogging and more to get new customers, clients and fans for your business or creative career. You can either do the work yourself or hire an affordable ArtisticPreneur approved professional creative freelancer to do the work for you available at Also, the founder of ArtisticPreneur designed and now manages 29 exciting and informative blogs that reach thousands of readers weekly. And since we choose our clients very carefully and believe in them as artists and business owners, as a special thank you to you for working with us, all of our customers get written up in one of the blogs either as a guest blogger or interviewee. It’s a great way to launch a new campaign. And finally, remember, there’s no business that’s not in show business.


Yianni Stamas Outlines Steps for Artists to Take Regarding Grants, Crowdfunding and the Selling of Your Art Online Regardless of Your Art Form

grants, crowdfunding, selling your art online
Three more income streams for artists are grants, crowdfunding and selling your art online.

Hi everyone. Yianni Stamas here. Grants and crowdfunding are two of the most daunting challenges that artists can face in terms of income streams and for this reason we thought it was important to take them on in part 4 of our 6 part series “How to Make Money as an Artist: Income Streams for Creatives of All Kinds.”

This week’s sequence of steps can be found more in depth in a PowerPoint video and a PDF file for those of you who are members of the Art Gush Online Education Site. But even if you’re not an Art Gush member, we hope that the abbreviated version of the steps below will be helpful and of value to you. This short series of steps is a part of us guest blogging on a continuing series of different blogs with a new blog entry each week.

Regardless of whether you are a musician, writer, filmmaker, actor etc., the new model for artist success is to be an ArtisticPreneur and to take control of both the business and art of your creative career. In a step by step procedure here on “Artist Steps” we take a brief look at grants and crowdfunding as well as touch on the topic of digitally selling your art online such as through mp3s, eBooks and even movies.

Again, this is a part of a guest blogging continuum that is most easy to track week by week if you are a member of our NYC Create Newsletter for ArtisticPreneurs. Why? Because in each weekly email correspondence we provide you with the latest links to the series, regardless of which blog it occurs on.

While we sort out our policies on GDPR we are not taking on any new newsletter recipients at this time, but will make an announcement once we resume accepting subscribers.

Here now is the next series of steps for those of you who have been following along via the e-newsletter and blogs.

• Another way to make money out of your artistic practice is through grants. It can be tough getting grants since there is a lot of competition with other artists but don’t let that deter you. Get started on the process today! Simply search online for grants having to do with your art form!
• Make notes of all the grants that apply to you.
• Request or download the application you will need.
• The strategy for getting grants is to get to know the people who are offering the grants. Even if you don’t get a grant from these people the first couple of times you try, because they know you, it is much more likely that down the road you will get a grant from them. This is very important to realize and can keep you motivated even if you don’t get a grant for the first couple of times.
• Get into the headspace that you will likely have to try for the grant at least a couple of times before getting it.
• Be sure to be cordial to all the grant givers, even if it is by phone or email and you don’t get to meet the grant giver in person.
• Something to note as you fill out grant applications is that the headache with grants is that they often have very specific guidelines that you need to follow to get them. Don’t make the mistake to not follow their guidelines because your project could get thrown out for this reason.
• Look carefully at all your grant applications. Have you followed directions to the “T?”
• What can you do to make your grant application more attractive?
• Another way to make money as an artist is to do crowdfunding. The secret to crowdfunding is that you have to drive traffic to your crowdfunding page. It is a myth that you can just put up a crowdfunding page and they will come. It does happen in some cases but this is rare.
• Market your crowdfunding effort in advance of actually putting it up on the crowdfunding site.
• Continue promoting your crowd funding effort while in process, and be sure to thank all those who donate to the cause.
• You can use things like social media to build up funders for your crowdfunding venture. But don’t rely on this only. Use email marketing and any other forms of marketing you have at your disposal.
• Although it can feel awkward, the best people to get behind your cause are friends and family. The more “cause” oriented your venture, the more likely you will be to get their participation.
• Call everyone you know. Use social media with every person you know, etc. You must be passionate about your “cause” for this to work.
• A suggestion when crowdfunding is to have giveaways for every level that a funder will give to you. Also you might want to crowdfund with something involving your art but at the same time be something that solves a problem for someone.
• You want to be solution oriented with the product, service or creative project that you are raising funds for. You must make a choice when setting up your crowdfunding platform to help others with your product, service or creative project.
• Create a workflow and schedule for your marketing efforts both online and off. You need to have that entrepreneurial energy and commitment.
• Another way to make money as an artist is to sell your original art regardless of what kind of artist you are. Now in the digital age it is possible, regardless of the kind of art you do, to make a version of it available digitally. You must again focus on how purchasing your art by others helps a cause of some sort.
• We will be getting into selling your art online more in the next Art Gush course, but for now put your attention on how the purchase of the art gives the purchaser a good feeling about helping in some way.
• Again, use all your marketing resources to get the word out about the purchase of your art online being available.

Steps for the Prosperous Artist

Are there actual steps that you can use to be prosperous? Yes there are and for the next 6 weeks NYC Create is going to be revealing them in their new blog series entitled “How to Make Money as an Artist.” The first installment focuses on how to profit as an artist through education. Although the idea of teaching a craft you know well is not new, NYC Create gives a comprehensive look at this topic. You may uncover some fresh ideas in this article or maybe will reconsider those that you already know.

Artists in Business

Overview of the Art Gush Guerrilla Entrepreneurship Course Series

First things first. The latest and final Art Gush web learning installment of its 7 part Guerrilla Entrepreneurship series for creatives, has launched. It gives an OVERVIEW of the episodes thus far designed to equip artists with the knowledge they need to take on their art as a business. The next Art Gush undertaking will be a sequence of courses for the popular topic of “How to make “M” as an Artist.”

One of the big challenges that emerging or even established artists face is the “M” word. For some artists this word is unbearable and they have the belief that you are less of a creative person if you pursue “M.” That’s what the ArtisticPreneur Project is all about. Dispelling this myth by helping artists to not only promote their creative careers but also to even monetize their art online including uploading their self published music, eBooks, movies and so forth.

NYC Create, which is at the moment the official blog for the development of the ArtisticPreneur Project, looks at the issues of the “M” word in an interesting way.

The key of course is to build your audience so you have fans and clients who want to purchase your work on the internet. The ArtististicPreneur Project provides guidance in this area through its weekly ArtisticPreneur Newsletter that empowers you with audience building strategies. And since the ArtisticPreneur Newsletter works in conjunction with the online education site Art Gush (known for their 3 steps a day method), the free newsletter content provides bullet points of daily steps to take to achieve your ArtisticPreneur marketing goals.


ArtisticPreneur – What is It

When trying to define what an artisticpreneur is, the first thing most people think is that it is a shortened name for an artistic entrepreneur. And you’d be right if you thought this, but it’s really only a small part of what it means to be an artisticpreneur.

To fully understand what an artisticpreneur is you need to dig deep. It’s especially important to dig deep if you are an artist including being a musician, writer, filmmaker etc. Artists understand better than most what it means to have a dream as well as the pain that goes along with pursuing that dream.

There’s a new website that addresses these issues. It’s called NYC Create. NYC Create has the mission to help artists with education and marketing so she or he can learn how to promote themselves, build an audience and ultimately monetize their creativity.

Artists in Business

More Steps for Artists

A publication that is providing more steps for artists is Lights Camera Read. In a recent article by this online magazine and organization, there was a call for more interaction from the thousands of readers.

The idea is that Lights Camera Read is going through an upgrade period and the feedback from its audience is very important.

If you are a fan of Lights Camera Read Media Education programs, be sure to put in your two cents about their internet marketing mini tutorials, Platinum Pias, Art Gush and “Thrillumentary.”

Artists in Business

Thrillumentary Artist Steps are from Art Gush

It probably doesn’t come as that big of a surprise to most of you that the “artist steps” with which the web series “Thrillumentary” is being made, are from Art Gush. Art Gush, also known as the “Art Gush Method of Digital Filmmaking,” is the three-steps-a-day system that empowers the user to make a web series or in this case pilot. John Yianni Stamas wrote an article for the Thrillumentary blog, in which he talks about the challenges of the Art Gush Method. He doesn’t single it out by name, but he admits it takes patience, tenacity and support to keep going down the artistic path.


Lessons from Filming Thrillumentary

One of the first things you learn as a filmmaker is “show don’t tell” meaning if you can do a scene and get your point across without dialogue – do it.

Because “Thrillumentary” started as a one man theater piece (very verbal) and was then “opened up” to include several other characters, there is a lot of dialogue in it. It’s been tough converting dialogue to visuals and in some cases nearly impossible.

Hence “Thrillumentary” as a web series is going to be very “talky.” Is this going to work? Is this going to keep the viewer’s attention?

Come this August with the start of the release of preview webisodes we are going to find out.

We should also mention that on the horizon will be an organization called that will make you more successful. They just can’t help themselves. The group that has been assembled for this organization consists of those who are trained in artist promotion, therefore they have empathy for folks from the performing arts, the fine arts and the cinema arts. This means they can be of a great help to us.

We consider you, the readers of this blog, to be our creative partners. Getting your feedback proves to be very useful. And we will be depending on you when it comes time to analyze “Thrillumentary” and help us determine down the line if we should string all the web entries together to make a full length film.

We are also very interested in the projects you are working on. We know the readers of this blog are an extremely creative bunch. Please realize you have a standing invitation to share with us what you are working on.


Artist Steps is Here with Steps to Success for Artists

Of course success can mean many different things, including artistic success which has nothing to do with monetary success. But that given, the Artist Steps organization and website are committed to bringing you steps to go from being a “Starving Artist” to becoming an Artist Entrepreneur. How? With steps. Many, many, steps spread out over time. Except the good news is that if you are working one of the Artist Steps educational programs such as Art Gush (where you get fans gushing about your art) you need only work 3 easy steps a day.