Sneaker Steps on the Red Carpet

Taking Artist Steps

It is sneaker steps on the red carpet. One of the series of steps an artist can take is when those steps are on the red carpet. But who the red carpet is put up by is less important than the steps themselves.

One of the Best Awards Shows Out There

In this brief blog entry we will be discussing an entity that has gained respect in many circles and has been on the red carpet several times thanks to the Platinum PIAs Awards.

Amount of Updating

DIYdigi is back in a big way. When the website first came on the scene there was a lot of excitement about it. The blog was updated nearly every day. One of the best ways of measuring the amount of energy being put into a website’s blog is by seeing how often it is updated.

Back to Us

DIYdigi is in that model right now and one of the ways we know this to be true is the fact that it is featuring featuring links today that will lead you back to us.

Put What On?

This is the DIYdigi red carpet in motion. Want to take the artist steps on the artist step carpet? Put on those sneakers!