Artists in Business

Solutions for Creatives and the Question if Artists taking on the Role of ArtisticPreneurs is a Good Idea?

The Fear Many Artists Have in these Unsettling Times

Perhaps one of the reasons we hear the the term “Starving Artists” any longer is because of the fear it evokes that many creatives have which is to end up, due to not having enough income, and Truly Starve. COVID has uprooted our country amongst many other problems. For some being forced to stay inside because of the Pandemic, was actually a gift. They were able to work remotely quite easily and benefited from the extra hours lost through commutes and working with vendors online as well.

Is it a Good Idea for Artists and their Artistry to take on Corporate and Small Business Jobs to Make Ends Meet?

Understandably, many creatives had to take on 9 to 5 oriented positions doing work they disliked but also losing a lot of time away from the artistic passion. Clearly this is a difficult situation and can be unbearable, and yet the bills need to be paid. What is a creative person to when losing so many hours that would have been much better spent on their art?

Will METHOD HOW Create a Strategy for Artists Who Want to Become ArtisticPreners?

If you haven’t heard from other of the 61 websites of the Blog Coalition, emerging soon will be METHOD HOW that does just like the name implies which is providing a METHOD HOW to do things that are important to you. As of this writing they do not even have a site up yet except for a “Coming Soon” page that mentions a séance they will be linking to live.


We Bring them up because METHOD HOW could do a great service to creative communities all over New York and beyond if the made a strategy on the topic that detailed a METHOD HOW to Become an ArtisticPreneur. Even though one of the sites from the Coalition is called “ArtisticPreneur,” those involved with that project are among the first to agree that it would be terrific for METHOD HOW to develop one of their minimalistic strategies that are no cost to businesses or artists negatively impacted by COVID. We will keep our fingers crossed!